Ken Davies brings experience and creative vision to every assignment. Whether he's shooting a group portrait for a major corporation, the CEO for an annual report, a magazine cover, ad. or a digital composite, his versatility and professionalism blend with skill and inspiration to deliver exactly the images required.

Every assignment, from helicopter aerials to studio images for a complex still fife, receives the same attention to detail, foresight and care.

  • Works internationally
  • Ken is based in Toronto and works on projects across Canada and the US. Assignments take him to England, Japan and Europe.
  • For straight shooting or creative vision
  • His background in economics, plus an interest in software development and a vivid creative imagination with extensive technical and computer skills. makes Ken a natural for assignments requiring a strong unique style or straight shooting. He brings out the best in the people he photographs, relating and relaxing even the trickiest subjects to show them at their best.
  • Stock sold worldwide
  • Ken is represented for stock by Masterfile and Corbis. His work is sold and used internationally—in print, on products, billboards, and on the web.